How LawyerUp Works

  1. You Contact LawyerUp

    You notify our dispatch operators by pressing the LawyerUp app or calling our toll-free number: 1-877-72-LAWUP.

  2. Operator Confirms Information

    Our operator will confirm your identify and record location, callback number, and any crime(s) charged.

  3. Lawyers Are Dispatched

    The moment you are finished with the operator, the operator immediately dispatches a lawyer from a pool of all appropriate LawyerUp lawyers in our network.

  4. After Your One Hour Consultation

    You may decide to negotiate terms to continue working with the dispatched lawyer or another lawyer of your choosing to continue your case beyond the one hour consultation.

    Your Lawyer Begins Working Within 15 Minutes

    The dispatched lawyer will begin to work on your behalf by first attempting to contact you. If not possible, the lawyer will contact your emergency contacts on file. If appropriate, the attorney will arrange for a bail bondsman, and any other services on your behalf, not to exceed one billable hour.