Every Minute Counts Transcript

Rachel M. Self: Every single moment, from the minute the police stop you, is a moment that can be used against you later on. They listen to everything, they record everything, and they write it down. And a lot of times, they are writing it down in a way that benefits them and that will benefit the prosecution later on.

Leonard E. Milligan: Time is absolutely of the essence. Police are trained specifically to obtain evidence through any means, whether that’s intimidation, outright lying, which is under Massachusetts law permitted.

Katherine Godin: Even if you’re trying to explain the situation, to explain why you didn’t commit a crime, the police can later use those statements against you to make it look like you’re more culpable.

John R. Grasso: And those statements sometimes are taken way out of context, and it’s so difficult for us to put them back into context, in order to be able to explain, better explain, what a defendant meant when they said that.

Rachel: Most people are so fearful that they waive their rights and waive a lot of their protections without even realizing that they’re doing it.

John: We can never go back and change that moment. Those early moments when the police have you under arrest, is a critical moment in the criminal process. It really is.

Rachel: I wish, so many times, that my clients, that I’ve represented in court, had had some guidance in those first 15 minutes. So much of what is used against you later on happens in that first initial time period with the police

Leonard: One of the biggest frustrations as a criminal defense lawyer is how much evidence has been accrued against the defendant before I get involved. And the notion that I could be involved from the start is essential. And the fact that there’s now an organization that is committed to getting involved at the time or near the charge is essential - is the only way, in fact, I think young people who are unaware how the criminal justice system works can adequately protect themselves. So I’m excited about LawyerUp because it will offer me the opportunity to do exactly what I’m always hopeful to do, which is defend somebody with every tool available.